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Happy Father's Day to Me

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Happy Father's Day to Me

June 18th, 2005  · stk
Alex wears too many bras

Life is good when you have a cute baby girl and, I suspect, Alex is about as cute as they come. She greeted me with a hug and kiss this morning, then promptly wanted to be put in her high-chair, because she wanted 'toas'(Oop-speak for TOAST). It's Father's Day, but for the Oop, it's just another gloriously sunny day in Edmonton and she's ready for whatever new adventure might come her way (though she thought she might prod things along by asking to go in the 'cor' - CAR).

We're now in the midst of that language explosion we've been predicting, but unfortunately, her vocabulary exceeds her ability to enunciate and (even for us parents) it's tough to know WHAT she's saying. The words we've been able to fathom so far, include: egg, car, truck, book, chocolate (a favorite), cookie, yogurt, bib, juice, nap, bread, banana (she's started saying 'banana', rather than 'mahtma', much to our mixed emotions), PJs, toast, socks, booby and please. She even said her first complete sentence, "No, mommy eat it," as she shoved some food that she didn't want, toward Rachel.

She's mimicking our speech quite regularly now, as her little mouth is beginning to get a handle on the various sounds that the English language uses. We're having to be extra careful, because we just know that she's gonna pipe up with, "God Dammit" at a very inopportune time (maybe Michelle's wedding?) ha ha. Still, for as many words as she now knows (and they're being added to on a daily basis), UNDERSTANDING her remains difficult. She was brought nearly to tears this morning, as she repeated the word 'brid' to me, several times (while putting on shoes to go outside). FINALLY, I had her SHOW me what in the World she was talking about and she led me into the kitchen and pointed in the general direction of the microwave oven (on top of which, we keep the BREAD). The time of morning and the activity (going outside) was completely out of context for eating, which was why I was having such a hard time understanding. It must be so frustrating to KNOW the word, but still not be understood.

Soon, however, she was contentedly munching on a piece of bread and drinking milk out of her sippy cup, sitting in her high-chair. Then, she asked for 'chokate' (chocolate) and because we're trying to teach her to append "please" onto the end, I asked her if she could ask, "chocolate, please?" She did and I realized that I'd just been conned into giving her chocolate as a reward to reinforce the whole "please" concept. She's no dummy, our Alex! She sat there, grinning at me, with blue lips and a chocolate smudge on her chin, busily chomping on her little M&Ms.

Ever since Alex began attending day-care, nearly a month ago, she's been constantly ill. She vomited a couple of days ago. (This is much more traumatic for the adults, then it is for Alex, as she doesn't seem to be bothered much by the activity. The cleanup isn't fun and I find my stomach is on the verge of releasing its contents, which only shows what a wimp dad can be.) She's been running a low-grade fever and her nose is constantly runny. She has a rattling cough that wakes her up early in the morning, sometimes as early as 4:30AM, but it generally seems to abate during the day. She's sleeping longer at night, generally and goes down hard for a nap, which is now generally only once a day, instead of twice. We keep telling ourselves that she's building up her immunity, from exposure to so many other kids and germs. She's going to get sick now or when she starts kindergarten. Either way, she's going to have to go through this. If she could only keep her fingers out of her nose, eyes, mouth or ears!

Each day is filled with wonder and exploration. She loves day care and often isn't even aware of our leaving, after dropping her off in the morning. In fact, she's unaffected by our absence and will often wander away, without regard to where we are, when were out at the supermarket, in a department store, or at the park. On one hand, we're glad that she's so sure of herself and her environment, but on the other, we'd prefer is she were a bit more aware. We just can't have it both ways.

She's very fond of shoes and she has a couple (with velcro closures) that she can actually put on and take off. She must repeat this activity several dozen times a day, as she can't quite seem to make up her mind if tennis shoes are needed, or if sandals would be a more appropriate choice. She's learned what PJs are (pajamas) and she calls her favorite crocheted blanket her 'nap' (though we're coaxing her toward 'nappy', to distinguish it from an actual lie-down "nap"). We know that she has a fondness for her crib, because if she's been overly stressed or experiences a hurt, she'll ask for 'pjs' or 'nap', wanting to be put into her "safe spot", so she can re-center herself.

She's an absolute delight to take out, as she rarely cries in public, is cute as a button and flirts with anyone that will look in her direction. Last night we went out for dinner (a rare event, but not as rare as it was during the winter months) and she interacted with another child near her age, as we were leaving. She hugged him! (I was slightly concerned they might start playing "doctor" right there, but a clingy hug was what she wanted most and she wasn't going to take "no" for an answer ... heck, she didn't even bother asking. Just boom, hug!

She's growing up quickly and was even caught on video 'trying on' mom's bras, which is very cute. We're looking forward to our summer vacation, where we can show off our little girl to her adoring grand parents and other friends and relatives. (Those childless friends are already stressing over the thought of a toddler in their midst, but those who have children are eager to make her acquaintance). Look out everyone, here comes 'the Oop'!

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1.flag Don Comment
Scott, you just made me very nostalgic. Oh, what fun it was watching Ashwanthe start to speak. We speak at least 3 languages at home and it was a pot-pourri of them all.

And the lovable fun is just starting for you n Rachel and eveyday it gets better, trust a guy who's going through it. :-). From what I see of Alex in the video , you have a very charming, yet mischievous darling there.

I know that you and Rachel are loving every bit of it... Enjoy :-)
2.flag DAD Comment
You are going to have to watch that girl and teach her that she shouldn't be taking off her bras in public, especially if someone has a camera going!

She is quite the clothes horse.