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"A" Crazy All-Night Editor

June 6th, 2005  · stk

The "A"

Perhaps it should go into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most University credits awarded in the shortest time: six credits in an intensive three weeks. Can anyone beat that?

The class was Nursing 309: "Mental Health Nursing", an 'intersession' class for the 'after-degree' program at the University of Alberta. There were some 70 students enrolled and for three weeks in May, after a brief 5-day break following their second term, these nurses-in-training lived and breathed the fundementals of psychology. Is that crazy or what? (ha ha ... get it? crazy?)

Rachel doesn't like it when I post too much information about the results of her coursework, but because she did so well in the class, I can't help but be proud of the fact that she nailed an "A" in the class and brag about it a bit. Way to go, Rachel!

Having a nursing student for a wife comes in handy when we're watching "ER" on television, because it's nice to get the skinny on all the procedures and drugs that they're using. She could probably join the cast and fit right in, now that she knows what is going on. Of course, now that Noah Wylie has left the show, her incentive for moving to Hollywood has waned. Whew! One less thing for Scott to worry about!

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Updated: 6-Jun-2005
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Invalid ImageMaps in XHTML v1.1

June 3rd, 2005  · stk

Posting a valid XHTML 1.1 ImageMap -> Hey, What's Going On?

 hotspot: clicking takes you to


I recently began validating against the XHTML 1.1 standard, rather than the XHTML 1.0 (Strict) standard. There isn't much of a change between the two, so the move wasn't too difficult. However, while checking validation on some old entries, I noticed that image maps yield errors.

I tried fixing the validation problems, but the result was an image map like the one on this page. It validates fine against the 1.1 standard, but doesn't work - either in IE or FireFox. (You can check this with the validation button ... but do it before opening the "Read Full Story" link). Valid XHTML 1.1

EDIT: Since I began serving our pages as the correct MIME type for XHTML v1.1 (i.e., application/xhtml+xml) the image map on this page now WORKS in FireFox. Microsoft doesn't "understand" this MIME type, so the XHTML v1.1 valid image map on this page still doens't work in IE. See the comments for further explanation and this article for further information.

At first, I thought I was coding the thing wrong. Then, I thought that maybe the W3C Validator had a bug. This is the kind of problem that will make you run around and chase your tail!

I couldn't let it lie. (After posting instructions for coding image maps that validate against the XHTML 1.0(strict) standard, I was determined to figure out what was going on.)

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Updated: 20-Jan-2006
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Site News

Offsite Links = New Windows

June 1st, 2005  · stk

Custom DTDs, JavaScripting & XHTML "Standards"

Here Ye, Here Ye: from this day forward links which take you off-site (away from will open in a new window. If you click on this yonder b2evolution link, it'll open in a new window . If you click on our homepage link it opens in the same window.

There are some exceptions. (I'm King around here - that's Mr. King to you - and what good is power, unless you can abuse it?) Externally linked images won't have the 'external link' hover color designation, but a tooltip should clue you in. There are a few on-site features, like the "Email Story" tool, that will open a new window & the link is colored appropriately.

Some of you may not notice or care about the different link styles, but believe me, I gave it long and careful consideration. Even though many of the realm are against the practice, the ends justify the means. To learn about WHY this practice is deemed "evil", or to review some of various new-window standards-compliant techniques, or to just voice your opinion ... read on.

For those who are ready to click away: (because the thought of opening new windows is so completely distasteful) know this: you can elect to defeat this preference. :)

How to keep it all in one window:

 ie  In IE, right click an off-site link and select "Open". (See? That wasn't hard.)

 ff  In FireFox, right-click and select "Open Link in New Tab".

ff  And lastly (if you're a tax-evading, spam-generating, nobility-hating clown) just turn off JavaScripting. We've got you covered!

What's not to love? The method is semantically correct, validates as XHTML 1.0(strict) or XHTML 1.1, separates the data (HTML) from the behavior (JavaScript), degrades gracefully if JavaScripting is turned off, allows full right-click functionality (Open, Open in New Window, Print Target, Copy Shortcut & Add to Favorites), is identifiably styled and can be overridden.

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Updated: 1-Dec-2006
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Sponging It Up

May 29th, 2005  · stk

If I've been silent lately, it's not because I haven't had enough time for writing, as Alex has been in day care for two weeks solid. If time isn't the issue, what is? As it turns out, I've had back-to-back colds and because I feel so crappy, it's energy and motivation I lack.

I couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle on it, but I can catch a cold if it's tossed anywhere in my vicinity. I blame our cute, innocent daughter, for my recent misery. Why? Well, anyone who has school-aged children knows that sending kids to school is like mopping up the gymnasium floor with sponge. They're gonna sop up whatever germs they come in contact with and graciously bring them home.

Alex has been sick too. Ever since she started going to day care, she's been congested, had a runny nose and a low-grade fever. (I'm the parent of a snotty-nosed kid!) She's still cute and it doesn't seem to deter her enthusiasm for play, though she naps longer and harder than normal (often 'snoring', which is kind of amusing, because of her congestion). On the plus side, I suppose that exposing Alex to the plethora of germs will build up her immunity system.

The underlying problem, for Alex, is that her fingers are constantly in her mouth and if it's not her fingers, it's whatever she's holding in her hand. I don't think there's a 60-second period where she doesn't have something in her mouth. She also rubs her eyes, sucks her thumb and jambs her stubby index finger up her nose (which she can get in amazingly far, by the way. At dinner, the other night, she found it amusing to stuff inch-long grains of wild rice up her nose, which made her sneeze, but didn't stop her from trying again. Rachel and I both agreed that wild rice would be subtracted from the Oop's menu!)

When she first began sucking her thumb, over a year ago, we found it a relief, because it meant she could soothe herself and sleep through the night. Now ... it's driving me nuts because I can just IMAGINE all of those germs at the day care, entering her mouth, nose, eyes and even her ears. She's a sponge, I tell you, a bloody SPONGE!

We're sending Alex to day care so that I can have more time during the day to do things, not lay me up in bed. So far, however, it's having a hugely unanticipated and non-productive side effect.

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Updated: 31-May-2005
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Flags, Feeds & Features

May 26th, 2005  · stk

I've been working on a bunch of site changes, recently, and thought that I'd let you know what they are.

Comment Flags: flag flag flag flag flag I've recently completed styling the comments section and even more recently, added numbers and a country flag. This is done automatically, based on IP address. It is fun to get comments from people all over the World! I got the idea when a Norweigan mother left a comment on an entry about Alex and thought it would be a fun addition. As Alex grows up, she can learn about other countries and how we are all connected by the internet and cool communication tools like b2evolution! If you're visiting from a foreign country, leave a message and add a NEW flag to our expanding list. (I'm thinking of adding a World map and pasting the country flag for the first comment from each new country).

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Updated: 20-Dec-2005
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