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Elk Island National Park

October 27th, 2005  · stk

Included: Printable Map with the Hiking Trails of Elk Island National Park. We played hooky one day and took Alex hiking at the nearby Elk Island National Park. We spotted moose, deer and bison. Oddly, we didn't see any Elk! If you live in the Edmonton area, there are some great hiking trails at Elk Island National Park. I went to the Parks Canada Elk Island National Park website, but was disappointed with the quality of the hiking map there. So I scanned the hiking map we got at the Elk Island National Park entrance booth and included it with this entry. We hope that you enjoy your hike and Elk Island National Park!

Playing Hooky & Hiking Mid-Week (Shhh!)

Every once in a while, you just gotta forget your responsibilities and take some time for yourself. With winter bearing down on us like a freight train, each day without snow is truly a gift. When yesterday blossomed with a blustery, warm wind, we decided to take some time and enjoy the day, before the long, cold winter locks us inside for too many months.

The original plan was to pull Alex out of day care early and go for a bicycle ride along the river valley. Rachel didn't ditch classes, but when you're a full-time student, one can ALWAYS study and she has plenty of that to do (plus an upcoming term paper to write). Scott is nearing the end of a bathroom remodeling job and just getting started with a big website project - taking time off helps neither one. Alex is the only one without many responsibilities, though we're sure she'd be the first to say, "No" and correct us! When we reconvened in the afternoon, the warm wind had turned chilly, so we opted for a hike instead.

As a Christmas gift from his inlaws, Scott received an annual Canada Parks Pass, which we had yet to begin using. (We didn't use it at Jasper National Park, in June, because we were just 'driving through' on our way to Vancouver and they don't charge an entrance fee for through traffic. We were going to use it at Waterton Lakes National Park, on our Glacier bicycle touring trip, but (a) we forgot the damn thing at home and (b) we only cycled across a small portion of the Park and were never assessed a fee. So ... the time limit is running out, so we thought we'd get the clock ticking on it and take a trip to Elk Island National Park, just 35 kilometers east of Edmonton.

MAP: Hiking Trails of Elk Island National Park

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International Appalachian Trail

October 22nd, 2005  · stk

Mt. Katahdin to the tip of Gaspé Penninsula

For many thru-hikers on the AT, the trail ends atop Maine's Mt. Katahdin. No longer. Now thru-hikers can elect to continue north, following the IAT to the true geographical conclusion of the Appalachian mountain chain, at Cap Gaspé, where they dive into the Atlantic ocean.

The trail is only a few years old. Not all of the land has been acquired, so there remain sections of the trail that follow roads, rather than a wilderness track. Still, the scenery is amazing and while walking along the northern shore of the Gaspé Penninsula, one can spot Killer Whale, Seals and other marine life.

We have a "dream list" of adventures that we'd like to do. We've done one long hike, the PCT, in 2002, from Mexico to Canada. Perhaps, one day, we'll do the AT as well. (If not the whole thing, then maybe the northern portion, including the IAT - which appears to be a very intriguing addition to the AT.)

More information on the IAT:

SIA-IAT Website - Good slide shows, history and description of the trail sections.

IAT Organization - Trail history, maps, membership & official trail association.

Budder Ball and Zokwakii's 2003 IAT Journal - After hiking the AT in 2002, these two thru-hikers turned their sights to the IAT in 2003.

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Alex Sings - Too Much!

October 19th, 2005  · stk

Our Singing "Organizer"

Alex sings happy birthday

We're now past the family "birthday season". It started Mom's birthday, in August, then Dad followed suit with his, in September. Alex tailed the pack, with her's in early October.

By the time October came around, Alex was well acquainted with cake, ice cream, candles, presents and, of course, birthday cards. Mom had even managed to get Alex to say, "Happy Birthday, Daddy," by the time his rolled around. She loves it all (especially the cake and ice cream).

When you look at your child, you see a reflection of your union, your personalities and genetic predispositions. Of course, we take great pride in the fact that Alex is a happy child and figure that we must've done something right. (It all makes us very afraid about having a second child ... a "devil" child ... one that reflects all of our bad traits, because Alex seems to reflect all of our GOOD traits!)

Maybe not....

First, thanks to everyone that sent Alex a birthday card! She has gotten more enjoyment from her birthday cards than you can imagine (and Dad's birthday cards, and our anniversary cards too, for that matter). She doesn't distinguish between them ... we've just given them to her, so she can have more to "enjoy".

Most people look at a birthday card, put it on the counter, only to be thrown away (eventually). Not Alex! She's fondled, organized, read and moved her cards a countless number of times! I think she's played with her cards MORE than she's played with her new "kitchen center" (it seems that way, anyway).

Our obsessive, compulsive ways are now manifesting themselves in our tiny, but very cute, daughter. She will contentedly sit and "organize" the cards, moving them from one pile, to the next, "reading" each one. One evening, while Rachel was doing dishes and Scott was off somewhere else, Alex sat all by herself, on the bathroom floor, looking through a small stack of cards. She picked each one up, sang a little "Happy Birthday" song, put them down in a new pile. She went through all the cards in this fashion and then repeated the whole process over again!

Hearing the "music" from the other room, Rachel grabbed the camera and captured the moment on video ... Alex's first "singing". Have a look at our little organizer and let us know: WHO do you think she's singing the song to?

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Penn State 25 - Michigan 27

October 15th, 2005  · stk

Wow. I don't think that anyone would argue that the game was boring! Especially the majority of the 111,000+ fans in Ann Arbor! What an exciting college football game! It all came down to Michigan's last play, a 4th-and-"do-or-die" deep in Penn State territory, with only 1 second left on the clock.

I still can't believe that Lloyd Carr (Michigan's head coach) had lobbied to add back 2 seconds to the game clock. If he hadn't done that, PSU would have been in the locker room, celebrating.

Penn State's offense came up with the clutch, go-ahead drive starting with about 2 minutes left on the clock and Michael Robinson is still my hero, with ANOTHER 4th-and-long play. What amazing composure, field of vision and running ability. He is truly exciting to watch (only I have to listen, because in Canada ... if it ain't on ice, it ain't on T.V.) If he could only aim his passes a tad lower when he gets jazzed up, his accuracy (and 3rd down conversions) would improve.

Up 4 points with about 30 seconds left, I was pretty confident that the game was in the bag. But, Michigan came back with an excellent kick-off return and then a series of plays. It was enough to make me shout and scream in denial and protest (poor Oop high-tailed it out of my office and Rachel knew to keep her distance)! I couldn't believe that Michigan cobbled their last drive together and faced with 4th down and one second left, I STILL had hopes that Penn State's defense would ensure a victory.

Chad Henne (Michigan's quarterback), made sure that wasn't going to happen. He connected with Mario Manningham, with no time on the clock, for the winning score. Congrats to Chad, Lloyd and his team! That's gotta feel REALLY good!

For Penn State ... with two turnovers, two missed field goals, a couple of in-opportune penalties and the special teams play (why did they allow that last run back?) ... those kind of mistakes and missed-opportunities come back to haunt you.

The offense was able to move the ball, no doubt. A nice long catch and a nice long run by Tony Hunt. Even better, Alan Zemaitis ripped the ball from Henne and ran it back 35 yards for a go-ahead score. (How I wished that I could have seen that play). Way to go Big "D"!

Still, in BIG games like this one ... it's the little things that'll kill you. Two missed field goals? C'mon! Two turnovers? C'mon! And the run-back from hell! With less than a minute left on the clock? C'mon!

Exciting play, for sure. (My only argument - the wrong team won.)

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Geographically Challenged

October 15th, 2005  · stk

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Penn State Football: Radio Broadcast Now Available For Free, Worldwide

Starting this fall, Nittany Lion fans will be able to listen to free audio and video streaming via GoPSUnow. Audio broadcasts of Penn State’s football games, voiced by Steve Jones and Jack Ham, will be available free of charge regardless of location. The recently launched design is compatible with a wide range of devices and screen sizes but is not yet featured as an app.

I enjoy watching Penn State Football games, but I don't live in an area where they are often broadcasted. I don't live in Pennsylvania, so can't listen to radio stations in the Penn State Sports Network. My solution has been to listen online. Here are some links I use to listen to Penn State Football online.

psu football

Nov 9, 2013
@ Minnesota
Kickoff 12 pm (ET)

Game is televised nationally on ESPN2 (Blacked out on ESPN3)

(If you're geographically-challenged or don't get the game on your living room television - turn to Internet Radio or Internet TV!)

Since 2005, Randsco has been helping geographically-challenged Penn State fans listen or watch - online - to Penn State football games. 2011 will be no exception. Tell your friends, "If you can't get the game on your television or radio, go to to find out where you can listen (or watch) live, online." Support Internet broadcasting!

Click for online listening options and links

[ Penn State - 10 | Minnesota - 24 | FINAL ]

NEXT: Purdue

2013 Season 31-Aug - Syracuse WIN 23-17
07-Sep - Eastern Michigan WIN 45-7
14-Sep - UCF LOSS 34-31
21-Sep - Kent State WIN 34-0
05-Oct - @ Indiana LOSS 44-24
12-Oct - Michigan WIN 43-40 (4OT)
26-Oct - @ Ohio State LOSS 63-14
02-Nov - Illinois WIN 24-17 (1OT)
09-Nov - @ Minnesota LOSS 24-10
16-Nov - Purdue
23-Nov - Nebraska
30-Nov - @ Wisconsin



PSU Football - Listen Online

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