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The Motley Crew

June 6th, 2006  · stk

The Official UofA BScN Group Photo

This is sooo like, Rachel.

"Honey, can you do me a favor?" (It's an hour after Edmonton gave up Game 1 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals in a pitiful game that saw them squander a three to nothing lead and, potentially, lose their goalie to an injury. It's 15 minutes before she bolts off to her part-time job at the Norwood, a graveyard shift.) In other words, it's late and I'm not exactly feeling in a "giving" mood.

"I need to find a way to get the group photos that we took with your camera, to everyone in the after-degree program and some are on dial-up." :roll:

"Okay," I think to myself, wondering where my white steed might be corralled at this time of night, "I know the right answer to this question." We've been married for, what, is it five years already? I want to keep it that way. I mean, my plan is finally coming to fruition. Rachel has her degree in nursing (just about) and can take care of me, when I'm old. ;)

"I could make a web page and let everyone download the photos, at a variety of resolutions," I offer.

"Oh, that would be great!" she says, practically dashing out the door. "And, could you do it sooner, rather than later? The photos were taken last Thursday."

(Photos expire after 4 days? I didnt' know that.) :-/

Read on to see how the knight turns out ... or does Rachel file for divorce? ... (Oh yeah, continue on if you want to see/get the group photo, too!) :D

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Updated: 6-Jun-2006
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Montrose Park

June 5th, 2006  · stk

The Seedy Side of the Park

It's the start of summer, with plenty of sunshine and intermittent rains, vegetation is flourishing. In order to keep up with the growth, I'm having to mow our lawn (at least once a week), tug on weeds and dig out dandelions. On the plus side, we're enjoying the weather and being outside. We're taking bicycle rides, pulling Alex in her buggy and pedaling along the River Valley. I normally don't pay much attention to the upkeep of our local parks, but today, I have.

Edmonton is a city of parks, boasting over 460 and the 48-kilometer River Valley Parkway, is the largest expanse of urban parkland in North America. But my focus today, is on our small, neighborhood park, Montrose.

We walk Alex through this park, every morning, taking her to day-care and again, every afternoon on our way home. We often stop and play, as Alex loves to ride in the swing and slide down the large, spiral slide. It's always been a nice place to hang out, but it's changed this year and I put my finger on why, this morning: Maintenance has lapsed. There's more trash in the park this year, than last. It's only been mowed twice this season and there is an unsightly profusion of dandelions. Crews have not trimmed - AT ALL - and the grass is three-feet tall in places.

I'm bullish on Edmonton and now, I wish I really was a bull! There's so much delicious grass to eat!

To learn more about the city's promotion of grass-cycling, weed control standards, litter and public stewardship ... read on ...

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Updated: 7-Jun-2006
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Google Spell-Check Plugin

May 30th, 2006  · stk

AstonishMe! brings you "Google Spell-Check Plugin", adding spell-checking capabilities to your b2evolution (v1.0+) posts and comment forms. It uses Google's API and has many similar features to the Gmail spell-checker. It supports 8 different languages. Learn more.

 AstonishMe! Google Spell Plugin

An AstonishMe! Public Release

If you want to get a really nifty spell checker for your b2evolution blog, then look no further than AstonishMe!

Now publicly available, our "Google Spell-Check Plug-in" is a back-office and comment form spell-checker, which uses the Google Spell-Check API. If you use Gmail, then you're already familiar with the interface, as ours has the same look-and-feel and uses the same dictionary. It's a piece of cake to install, easy as pie to use and makes for a delicious add-on to your b2evolution blog.

To learn more about "Google Spell-Check" and obtain your copy, continue on ...

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Updated: 23-Feb-2008
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Running Low on Beer

May 27th, 2006  · stk

"Edmonton Oiler Fans Drain Local Supplies"    (Story)

Up three games in the best-of-seven NHL Western Conference finals, the Edmonton Oilers weren't able to shut-out the Anaheim Mighty Ducks during game four, played on Thursday, here in Edmonton. Game five is tonight, in Anaheim, and the Oilers have another shot at de-feathering those pesky Ducks. The finals games have been exciting and Oiler-mania has hit Edmonton - BIG TIME! A win tonight means the Edmonton Oilers will be playing in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 16 years.

Wahoo! The Oilers WIN game 5 and the series. They're headed east for the Stanley Cup Final!!

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Updated: 26-Apr-2010
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Demanding Appliances

May 24th, 2006  · stk

An Annoying New Engineering Trend


Our household has suffered some kind of technical flu, recently. Appliances have been "sick" and a couple haven't pulled through. Our 12-year-old microwave succumbed a few weeks ago, refusing to heat anything. Our 2-year-old, pre-pubescent DVD player, put its foot down and refused to register half of the discs we shoved into its face. Spanking the surly preteen only made it more stubborn, refusing to register any discs we fed it. Frustrated, we put it up for adoption (in the back alley) and bought a new one.

Besides the annoyance, aggravation and expense of having to purchase replacements, I've made a very unhappy observation about the new generation of appliances: design engineers have made them annoying and demanding! (This is in addition to the fact that they're cheaply constructed, which is something that everyone knows. Our Magnavox DVD replacement has a plastic shell, for Pete's sake.) I want appliances to efficiently and quietly perform their function, not demand my attention in an annoying fashion. I get enough of that from my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Pretty soon, I will exist only to serve the needs of my appliances.


To design engineers at Danby, Uniden, Magnavox, Microsoft and others, I say:

   (Annoying, isn't it? Imagine a "BEEP" too!)

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Updated: 24-May-2006
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