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Pretty in Print

August 30th, 2006  · stk

How do your printed pages look? When we saw that ours were horrid, Scott whipped the print.css file into shape. Read about the pros and cons of using CSS to make pretty print pages.

Using CSS to Format the Printed Page

Back in my office-working days, I knew a guy named Clint, who didn't like reading his email on the computer screen. He'd print each email, every morning, read through the print-outs, file the important messages and deep-six the others. I wonder if he still does that?

Who really reads online stuff, offline? Not me!

But who am I to criticize and judge others in their efforts at deforestation, eh? Isn't the Internet is supposed to be accessible to all - even folks who prefer reading online content, offline?

For accessibility reasons, innate curiosity and the shocking discovery that our printed pages looked horrible, I decided to spend some time and pretty them up. If you think visitors might want to print your blog articles (for reference or offline reading), then think about using Cascading Style Sheets to format the page.

Read on to see what a difference it made to our pages...

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Updated: 6-Aug-2008
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Sunflower Project (5-Aug)

August 11th, 2006  · stk

Alex's sunflower was planted 65 days ago. It's nearly as tall as she is! See the changes and read about the project in this August 5th update.

Here's the latest on the sunflower project. All of the updates are posted in this article.

August 5th: "Standing Tall"

It's been 65 days since Alex planted her sunflower seed at day-care and now the darned thing is nearly as tall as she is. That's some fast growing! Of course, having 17 hours of daylight around summer solstice didn't hurt. Daylight is waning fast now, as we notice the dwindling light in the evening. Here comes the Fall.

It looks like it's going to be a race between the Sunflower and the changing seasons, to see which blossoms first. Let's just hope we don't get a freak September snowfall, like we did the first year we lived in Edmonton. It would be nice for Alex to see a bright, sunny, yellow flower head on her plant project.

In a way, it's good news that our move back to British Columbia, has been delayed by our home purchase. (We won't be taking possession until mid-October). We'll get to see what happens to the Sunflower! Although, on the flip side, Rachel is currently scheduled to start work on September 18th, which means she'll be moving out ahead of Alex, Scott and Tuxedo. :(

When it comes to moving, Alex and the Tuxedo are on the same wavelength - neither of them worry about it too much. In fact, I don't think they're even AWARE it's even going to happen. Alex enjoys her days at "play-care", going to the park, swinging in the swings, running through the toddler wading pool, playing in the backyard, and exploring her world. Meanwhile, Tuxedo explores the living room sofa with his eyes closed, although sometimes he becomes adventurous, migrates outside and sleeps in the warm sun, under the shadow of the sunflower, nestled in tall plants. ;)

We think that both the cat and the kid will enjoy their new "Five Acre Woods", in Yellow Point. There won't be any dogs or cats to bother Tuxedo and Alex will have access more rocks and sticks than she can possibly organize. There's even an old "play house" there. It needs a tad of TLC, but she'll enjoy it!

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Updated: 15-Sep-2006
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Yellow Point Slumlords

August 5th, 2006  · stk

We may be moving to a forested, 5-acre hideaway on Vancouver Island. The bidding war has begun for a 2400-sq.ft. home in Yellow Point. Find out more!

From the Packs on our Back, to a Big House, 5 Acres, Landlords, a Kid & (Deeply in Debt) in Less than 4 Years!

In 2002, all our "stuff" was in storage and we spent six months trekking from Mexico to Canada, along the Pacific Crest Trail. Everything we needed we carried on our backs.

Fast forward to 2006. After a house-hunting trip to Vancouver Island, in early August, we fell in love with a 2400 square-foot home in Yellow Point, a rural area just south of Nanaimo. The house is on a 5 acre parcel that includes part of a beaver pond, clearings and many tall, second-growth Douglas fir trees. There's also a mobile home that's currently being rented, which has it's own address, driveway and cannot be seen from the main house. The property is than a quarter of a mile from the ocean and there's a 14 hectare Provincial Park a stone's throw away. There are a number of resort lodges along the main road, "Yellow Point Road". The property is private (cannot be seen from the road), on a dead-end spur which receives little traffic.

We've put in an offer and are in the midst of the offer-counter offer bidding process. Wow, we may be living in our own little slice of heaven!

To find out more, read on ...

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Updated: 20-Dec-2006
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PZ3 Enhanced ImageMaps

July 15th, 2006  · stk

What do sunken ships have to do with Photo-Caption Zoom (PZ3) enhanced imagemaps? Find out, as history and technology collide on the Internet, in a demonstration that creatively extends PZ3 functionality and capability

PZ3: Putting the "Hot" in Hotspots!

Besides the problems associated with posting image maps in XHTML v1.1, there is very little information contained in such a construct, other than whatever the author might add to the "title" attribute. Along comes PZ3 to the rescue! It can add information images and text to a hovered hot-spot. In addition, it can "animate" the spot, so a visitor knows when it's been activated.

"Look Ma, no JavaScript, XHTML-valid, pure-CSS, cross-browser ... what could be finer?!"

For a demonstration of this new technique, which extends the capability and versatility of the Photo-caption Zoom method, read on ....

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Updated: 24-Sep-2006
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Vancouver Island

July 9th, 2006  · stk

Best North American Island
Per voting in the Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Poll - 2005

Climate updates in red. Comparative climate graph added 28-Jun-2008.

If Horace Greeley's advice was "Go West, young man," then there isn't much further west one can go in Canada than Vancouver Island. This will be our new home, as we've decided to accept Rachel's nursing offer at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital. She'll be working as a surgical recovery nurse and come the end of August, we'll be packing up our home of 2 years and 2 months, making the drive back over the Canadian Rockies, loading onto a ferry and heading over to Vancouver Island.

When we moved to Edmonton, we gathered information and made informative posts on both the Province and the city. We thought we'd do the same for this move, since both the island and the city are (relatively) new to us.

For some fast facts on Vancouver Island, photos and a detailed map, read on ...

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Updated: 12-Jul-2008
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