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Sunflower Project (30-Sep)

September 30th, 2006  · stk

120 days ago, Alex planted her tiny sunflower seed at day-care. On Sept.30th, the day we packed up the U-Haul truck to move to Vancouver Island, it bloomed!

September 30th: "At the Bloomin' 11th Hour!"

Alex's sunflower has bloomed in the nick of time!

Exactly 120 days ago, Alex's tiny fingers poked a single sunflower seed into a soil-filled Styrofoam cup, marking the beginning of "The Oop Sunflower Project". The plant has been through a lot, since then. It germinated in the Styrofoam cup, at day-care and since been transported, planted, transplanted, trampled by a cat, pummeled with rain and hail, suffered through hot sun and cold winds, been tied to a stake (twice) and after all that ... it managed to bloom - the day we moved from Edmonton!

The "Oop Sunflower Project" is a success!

Read on for the rest of this final update. For the full project story, which contains all of the updates in one article - head here.

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Updated: 5-Nov-2006
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Packing the Toddler

September 26th, 2006  · stk

At 3 years-old, Alex cannot quite grasp the full meaning of our 1200-km U-Haul move. It's created some funny, touching and endearing moments. Read about them .................

The Oop: On Packing, Boxes & Upcoming U-Haul Move

Two years ago, when we moved to Edmonton, the Oop was not yet a year old. She wasn't walking. In fact, she was just learning to crawl. Moving was easy ... we just put her in a box! Now, Alex is nearly three years old and there isn't a box big enough to hold her.

Packing the house with a toddler has been quite the experience. On the plus side, she wants to help. On the minus side, she want to help. :-/

There have been moments of levity and precious memories, as she grapples with the whole concept of moving, trying to help and with some of the things she says. I try really hard to remember that she'll only be this young, innocent and cute for a short while and that I really should cherish these moments. I don't often succeed, when I'm covered with sweat, two-years worth of dust, tired from hauling too many boxes filled with our endless supply of material possessions (how did we end up with all this CRAP?) and -mostly- just wanting it all to be DONE!!

To learn more about our toddler's perspective on packing and moving, read on ...

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Updated: 28-Sep-2006
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Sunflower Project (24-Sep)

September 24th, 2006  · stk

Alex's sunflower was planted 114 days ago. Recent storms and winds blew the poor plant over. (Dad to the rescue!!) Read about the latest tragedy ...

September 24th: "Blow Me Down!"

Alex's "sunflower" has taken a dive!

It's been 114 days since Alex planted her sunflower seed at day-care. It suffered a bit of a set-back, after Edmonton got its first taste of winter this past week.

Where are those glorious "Indian Summer" days that Alberta is famous for?

Read on for the rest of this update. For the complete story (all updates in one article) look here.

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Updated: 13-Apr-2007
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Sunflower Project (11-Sep)

September 11th, 2006  · stk

Alex's sunflower was planted 101 days ago. It's taller than she is! See the changes and read about the project in this September 11th update.

Here's the latest scoop on Alex's "sunflower project". For a historical perspective, the original story (plus all the updates), can be found here.

September 11th: "Heading On Up"

It's been 101 days since Alex planted her sunflower seed at day-care. The plant is nearly twice as tall as Alex and the flower head has fully formed. We're hoping to see some bright yellow petals, before we leave for Vancouver Island, which will be a fitting end to Alex's botanical experiment.

The daylight hours are waning, temperatures dropping and the sunflower really needs to step it up a notch, if it wants to bloom before the snow flies. Sadly, the sun has moved much lower on the horizon and there's an apple tree, garage, pine tree and our own house, all shading the plant, which limits the amount of direct light it's now receiving.

To learn about the state of the sunflower and Oop ... read on.

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Updated: 28-Sep-2006
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Boxing Daze

September 5th, 2006  · stk

The move has begun. (Moving sucks)!

Moving Sucks -or- Living in Chaos

On Friday night, before the long Labor Day weekend, Rachel was in the dusty loft, above the garage, handing down folded boxes to Scott, below.

"Thank God we're pack rats," Scott said, "otherwise we wouldn't have kept all these boxes."

When we moved to Edmonton, two years ago, we knew we'd be moving after Rachel finished her UofA nursing degree. So we kept most of our moving boxes, storing them in the dusty attic.

Rachel starts her new job on September 18th and will be leaving, ahead of Scott, in less than 10 days.

Ideally, any move shouldn't disrupt things for more than two weeks, but because of the unusual situation we've stuck ourselves into, ours will last three times longer. Over a month and a half of disruption. Yuck!

Your new property is nice, it'll be like you're camping every day!

We're starting to pack early, so that it's not all left to Scott, at the last minute. Of course, this means that Scott and Alex will be living among boxes for all of September. Again - Yuck!

We must be out of our Edmonton home at the end of the month, which is why Rachel is flying back on September 30th, after a full day of work. She'll help Scott load up the largest truck that U-Haul rents and then we'll make the 2-day drive to Vancouver Island.

It doesn't end there.

We don't take possession of our new home till October 17th, so we've had to find a place to unload and store all our stuff, till then.

Where? In the garage of the new home.

So, we'll be homeless for half of October. Scott will head down with Alex to California, to visit his folks and Rachel will continue working at her new job at the Nanaimo Hospital.

"Where's Rachel going to stay?" you ask.

"She doesn't know," is the short answer. She's following up on several leads, but not found the "best fit", yet. She'll probably take the ferry back to the mainland on her day's off, staying with her folks in Vancouver, but it's where she'll stay on the Island that's still undecided.

And (as if there's not enough else going on), she writes the CNRE exam on October 11th. (It's the big, National exam that she has to pass in order to actually work and BE a Registered Nurse).

No pressure, eh?

At least you now know what we'll be doing for the next six or seven weeks. :|

Let's face it - MOVING SUCKS!!

Mind you, this should be our last move for a good long while. AND ... we're moving to an awesome spot! (If you like camping, then you'll appreciate the quote from Alex's grandpa, regarding the treed 5 acres ... "Your new property is nice, it'll be like you're camping every day!")

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Updated: 8-Sep-2006
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