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All That Junk

January 27th, 2007  · stk

What do you find when you rake your lawn? We found a golf ball, tool handles, bicycle chain, bolts, hinges, nails, volleyball net ... among other things ....

Raking the Lawn

Spring is definitely in the air (along with the remnants of winter: rain and - quite possibly - more snow), so I don't want to get my hopes too high. Still, there's been a palpable change in the atmosphere and we're not talking flatulence here! The days are discernibly longer, the sun has even shown its face. It may be that we set a record and it will be sunny for days in a row! Plants are even beginning to show their buds. Wow!

Yep, spring is right around the corner.

To celebrate and prepare, we have been raking the lawn, getting it ready for imminent sunshine, verdant growth and the pitter patter of tiny feet. Much of it has been raked before, but we had yet to tackle the "west lawn". (Whoa, that sounds a lot more regal than I intended - like the lawn of a certain government building on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, eh?) Mind you, our "west lawn" isn't an actual lawn. That's more a generous euphemism for the area that might be better described as: "the west glade". (Although less regal, that doesn't sound too bad either.) What I'm trying to say, is that the lawn doesn't actually have much GRASS in it.

To read more ... hit "Read Full Story" (it's pretty obvious). ;)

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Snipping Golden Locks

January 25th, 2007  · stk

Alex got her first haircut, at 3 1/4 years old! One could argue she didn't need it. Read "Hair Story History" to see what all the fuss, lack of muss, is all about!

Alex's First Haircut

I'm not certain if it's a new World record, but Alex didn't get her first haircut until the day before yesterday, a full 1,208 days since her birth! To be honest, I didn't think she even needed one, but Rachel thought that maybe, having her golden wisps trimmed, would make her look like she had more hair! (Is that "Curl logic"?) |-|

Alex is renown (among other things) for her lack of hair. From the day she was born, until ... well, NOW ... we've wondered, "When will it grow?". We admire other girls, Alex's age and younger, with full heads of hair. Little girls in pig-tails, with cut bangs, all possessing thick manes.

On the plus side, Alex's thin dome has been a cost savings for us and her hair has always been easy to maintain! On the negative side, it's driven Rachel bonkers that she can't dress Alex up like her own personal doll and play with her hair - putting it in pig-tails, adding barrettes and other ornamentation. What fun is having a cute little girl, unless you can dress her up like a little dolly?

Not that it's stopped her, for Rachel has TRIED, but the effects aren't quite up to par and rarely last more than five minutes. Barrettes fall out by themselves and rubber bands holding small tufts of hair are pulled out within minutes.

For "Oop History: Hair Story" ... read on!

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January 22nd, 2007  · stk

"Pugwis" is the name of the 18-foot, 'Fraser Raider', double-hulled aluminum ocean-worthy boat that's now sitting in our front yard. It may be ugly, but it's a bloody tank! Come round for a peek at the newest addition to the family ...

The New Yard Ornament

Maternal grandparents visited Alex recently, bringing something with them - a boat named "Pugwis". "Pug-the-Tug" is an 18-foot Fraser Raider, built in the early 80's. It's a double-hulled, welded aluminum, shallow-veed 'landing craft'. It's substantially more sturdy than it is aesthetically pleasing.

Originally used as a work boat for hauling supplies and equipment to the 40-acre family property and cabin on the east-facing shore of Indian Arm, it's been some time since it's seen service. With rising moorage costs, it was relocated to dry storage, but with rising Vancouver-area land prices, even this was becoming expensive.

During the evening in which "Pugwis" arrived, we were treated to an oral history of the steadfast aluminum craft and the beauty of the property (which I've not yet visited). Lubricated with vintage grape nectar, we learned that the original name was going to be "Modnoc", a basackwards name that describes perfectly, a vessel which holds sea-fairing chaps. ;)

For more information and pictures about "Pugwis", read on ...

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Randsco Hijacked

January 11th, 2007  · stk

Would you like spammers using your domain for their activities? If it happened to, it can happen to you. Find out more ...

Been spammed by a email address?

We apologize. A few days ago, spammers began using bogus email addresses in the "From:" field of their spammy messages. We discovered it's easy for spammers to fake (or spoof) email addresses and that we're relatively powerless to stop it.

spam does not condone SPAM. Quite the contrary. We make every effort to eliminate it - see here, here, here or here - for proof. We hate SPAM!

Unfortunately, there's very little one can actually do to stop spammers from making it look like their SPAM is coming from your domain. They just use a bogus email address, from your domain, in the "From:" portion of their spammy emails. It turns out, we're not completely defenseless, but the best apparent remedy requires the cooperation of every mail server, across the Internet.

How did I find out that spammers were spoofing email addresses? Are spammers giving your domain a spammy reputation? What can you do to help stop these spammy attacks?

To find out ... read on ...

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Updated: 8-Feb-2007
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#@% Pins!

December 10th, 2006  · stk

Our unpacking has become unhinged by lack of shelving pins. Read Scott's Dr.Suess-like poem & story about our latest debacle ...

Where for Art Thou, Pins?

We have looked high.
We have looked low.
We're left to wonder, "Where did those pins go?"

Did we pack them in a box?
Did we pack them in a bag?
Are they hidden, beneath that rag?

Are they upstairs?
Are they down?
"We looked EVERYWHERE," we say with a frown.

We won't let pins stop us!
We say, "Let's buy more!"
So off we go, to the store.
(Bloody 35 kilometers away.)

We buy new pins.
We think we're wise.
"Oh no!" - they're the wrong size!

Our quest for pins, continues still.
The unpacking is on hold.
Looking for pins is getting old.

- by Dad (who's had a tad too many Dr. Suess books on his reading list lately).


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Updated: 27-Jan-2007
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