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PZ3 Inside IE Tables

February 25th, 2008  · stk

Photo-Caption Zoom images have been problematic in IE tables. It's yet another failure of IE6 and IE7. However, I've spent some time and made a work-a-round that yields good cross-browser results (and overcomes the IE tables problem). Have a look -

Photo-Caption Zoom Inside an Internet Explorer Table

You like Photo-caption Zoom. You've finally found a valid, pure-CSS, easy-to-use technique that shows both a thumbnail and zoom-able detailed image (along with a caption), without your visitor having to leave a page or suffer through another pop-up window. You deploy it inside of a table and suddenly, when you view it in Internet Explorer, it doesn't work right.

I've received many emails and comments from people about Photo-caption Zoom not working inside an IE table. Up until now, the only "solution" was to say, "don't use tables", quickly followed by "Internet Explorer sucks". (I had one desperate client for whom I "welded-on" a series of Photo-zoom DIVs to the edge of a table. It was my first stab at a work-a-round and it worked fine, until the font size was changed).

While it's comforting to me that the problem isn't the Photo-caption Zoom code (it's an Internet Explorer problem), this isn't much solace for anyone wanting to use it. What's a person to do?

A Solution to the Internet Explorer Table Problem

I recently had a play with Photo-zoom inside of tables. I was able to isolate the Internet Explorer problem and find a work-a-round. It side-steps the IE tables problem and also works in other browsers. Have a look.

The table below contains Photo-caption Zoom images. It works in both IE6 and IE7 (as well as Opera9, Netscape9 and Firefox2). Yay! Finally - a way to use PZ3 inside tables.

Product Description Price Avail

ThermalTake TMG A1 CPU Fan

35.14 CFM max flow at speeds between 300-2,500 RPM. Quiet, reliable cooling.

The TMG A1 uses a frameless fan design that virtually eliminates noise-producing turbulance. Runs quiet at 16 dBA. Supports AMD PWM FSC specs.



Thermaltake Silent Case Fan (White)

63.3 CPM at 1600 RPM. This DC, 120mm case fan is very quiet (16 dBA).

Count on Thermaltake to make the worlds best cooling products. The Silent CAT fan is an intelligent choice. It runs quiet and is affordable.



To learn more about the Internet Explorer tables problem and work-a-round, read on ...

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Updated: 25-Feb-2008
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Four Hundred Dollar Egg

February 21st, 2008  · stk

The first Egg! - On of our four ISA Brown laying hens had their first egg this morning. After raising them from day-old chicks, we're quite excited to see "our girls" grow up! It does mean, however, that Scott better get busy and finish building their nesting boxes!

"The Girls" Begin to Earn Their Keep

A few weeks ago, the woman who generously gave us four laying hens, came over with a dozen brown eggs. They were produced by the same batch from which ours were split. Ever since then, Rachel has been bemoaning the fact that our four chickens (AKA "the girls") have yet to lay an egg.

Scott built them comfortable and dry accommodations ($300 in materials), they have plenty of scratch to eat, room to fly and play in their run, laying pellets to eat, an endless supply of fresh water ... heck, they even have a 4-year old kid that plays with them occasionally. At last tally, they've consumed 4 sacks of feed ($10 each), a sack of #2 grit, countless tubs of kitchen scraps (dutifully diced up for them, I might add), God knows how much electricity to keep them warm, many water changes, hand-feeding, and people who let them out in the morning and put them to bed at night.

Materials for the chicken coop: $300
Having comfortable chickens: Priceless

For everything else, there's the grocery store.

They live in chicken heaven and the only thing they've produced is an ever-accumulating pile of chicken manure, under the chicken coop.

All that changed today. When Scott let them out this morning and gave them their day's supply of scratch - which is tossed out onto the ground, as they seem to enjoy "scratching" at it and picking up the bits ... go figure - he spied a lone brown egg, resting on the mesh floor of the coop.

To find out more about our four hundred dollar egg ... read on ...

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Updated: 21-Feb-2008
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2 Days & 2 Nights

February 14th, 2008  · stk

Crashing 4-year-olds

Last week was a blur. First, my 4-year-old computer crashed. Shortly after, my four-year-old kid crashed (she became ill). Work came to an immediate halt. Rachel was on her 4-days of 12-hour hospital shifts. I faced a broken computer, a broken kid and the joy of running the house. Days were spent rebooting and shuttling CD's and my nights were spent soothing, medicating and taking care of our sick little girl. I didn't get much sleep.

I began as I was working on my 4-year-old computer, as I normally do. It began to fight me. Nothing unusual. I've been experiencing crashes and computer problems for over 6 months. I've been expecting the point of no return, but trying to put it off. You see, I'm an application guy. I'm not a hardware guy or a network guy. I like to USE the computer, not tinker with it.

I said, "Oh no, here we go." It's not a pleasant sensation, but who can complain after nearly four years of relatively trouble-free computing?

A sub-spooler system failure kept me from printing a check deposit slip. Rebooting didn't fix the printing problem. Restoring the system to an earlier time (which has, on occasion, been my saving grace) didn't fix the problem. I restored it to a month ago. After reboot, the computer froze and I found myself staring at a multi-colored taskbar and desktop. While it was pretty, it was also ugly. The cursor was toast. Keyboard entry didn't do anything but "bonk" at me, after entering a buffer's-worth of keystrokes. Then the computer said, "Game over." It initiated an auto-shutdown. Ack!

What was left? It was time to re-install the operating system from scratch.

That night, after day-care, my 4-year-old daughter decided to call it quits too. She initiated an auto-shutdown after contracting a nasty cold. The only difference between her shut-down and my computer shut-down, was that she waited until the middle of the night to shutdown, rather than shutdown in the morning.

To read about my week of fixing 4-year-olds ... carry on.

Fixing 4-Year-Olds

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Serving it Up

February 4th, 2008  · stk

This is as close as it gets to an "About Randsco" page. Readership sits at 85,000 unique visitors a month (Jan 2008). Reasons why, what's popular, monetization, Interent penetration & the future of Randsco are all discussed.

Randsco: 86,500 Unique Visitors During January


On Growth: Nearly 15% of all the visits Randsco has ever had, came last month.


"Randsco" was born early in 2005. It was a blogging experiment that came about after acquiring a domain name and moving to a shared hosting company. Before that, we had maintained our websites at GeoCities, a free online host. In autumn of 2004, GeoCities changed their advertising and because the new method impacted the visitor experience, we made the leap to an inexpensive ($5/month), shared host.

Randsco started as a means of documenting our lives (primarily for ourselves, but also for family and friends). Additionally, it allowed us to share our love of backpacking, cycling & adventuring with like-minded people.

Wow, have things changed. We still document our lives, keep friends and relatives up-to-date and share our adventures, but Randsco now serves up much more:

Because Randsco has been (sorta) monetized, we've recently moved to a $50/month VPS host. Hopefully this will result in a superior visitor experience (stability & page load speed).

Readership growth is due to a number of factors: worldwide Internet penetration, benefits of a blog tool, increase in SPAM and (last but not least) valued content. To find out a bit more about monetization, what articles are the most popular, worldwide Internet penetration & the future of Randsco .... read on.

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Updated: 10-Feb-2008
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Grandma Milly

February 3rd, 2008  · stk

My grandmother, Mildred (Hoyt) Miller "Grandma Milly", passed away today around noon. She would have been 98 years old on March 29th. Rest in peace, Grandma. I love you.

March 29, 1910 - February 3, 2008

The last email I had from my Grandma Milly was on February 12, 2007. She sent us a Hallmark online greeting card. She was thoughtful that way, always sending cards, notes and emails. The amazing thing, of course, was that at 96 years of age she was using a computer (even more amazing, considering she had advanced macular degeneration and could barely see)!

But that's my Grandma Milly. Always outspoken, full of spit and vinegar, having a huge zest for life and an indefatigable spirit.

After a year in the Glencroft Care Center, Grandma Milly passed from our lives today, around noon. Rest in peace, Grandma. You will be missed and you are loved. (I shall heap upon Alex, tall stories about "my favorite grandmother"!)

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