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2008 Election Costs

October 24th, 2008  · stk

A comparison of Canada's 2008 election and that of the United States - what it cost each country to elect a leader. (Hint: Record amounts set by both countries). Shouldn't it be less expensive to elect public officials?

Canada & United States - Cost of the Election

Comparing Canadian and United States politics is bit like comparing grapefruits and tangerines. They're both fruit, citrus even, but also very different. In one respect though, Canada and U.S. are the same - they'll both spent record amounts in their 2008 elections.

It's a travesty that each election should consume ever more energy (time, material and money). It'll be a relief when they're finally over.

For a comparison on election costs between Canada and the United States, carry on ...

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First School Bus Ride

October 23rd, 2008  · stk

First School Bus Ride: About a month after school started, Alex had a chance to take the school bus home. Boy, was she excited about doing that!

A "Proud-as-Punch" Kid

School started some time ago, but it wasn't till this month that Alex rode the school bus home for the very first time. It wasn't for lack of lobbying on her part.

"Mommy?" (or Daddy, depending), she'd ask, "Can I take the bus home tomorrow?"

More often than not, Alex was headed to day-care immediately after her afternoon kindergarten class, or off to swimming, or we'd pick her up on our way into town ... or some other activity. It's a rare day that she can actually ride the bus and boy-oh-boy, was she eager to do so.

Riding the bus to school isn't really an option, since the bus comes at 8 AM and her kindergarten class doesn't start till 11:35 AM. However, riding the bus from school is an option and (somehow) she knew it! She was bugging us about riding the bus since school began.

Finally, the opportunity to take the bus home came up and she was sooooo excited!

To see how excited and proud a 5-year-old can be about riding a school bus for the first time .... read on ...

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October 16th, 2008  · stk

Had your laugh today? Watch this 30-second television advertisement titled "GOTCHA" selling Wienerschitzel hot dogs. It's a riot! Enjoy!

World's Most Wanted Wiener

Every once in a while, an advertisement comes out that's really funny. This year, one of the best I've seen is for Wienerschnitzel, the world's largest hot dog chain. Their franchises are only found in the U.S. wienerschnitzel locations in the United States   (and one in Guam), so I haven't seen the advert aired on Canadian television, but my Uncle (who lives in Phoenix) and used to be in the advertising buisness, emailed it to me. (Thanks Pete!)

The ad company that's responsible for the funny, 30-second spot is DGWB Advertising, based in Orange County, California. They've been the ad agency for Wienerschnitzel since 1995 and originally created "The Delicious One" (the infamous hot dog 'on the run'). After a five years away from the television, the "The Delicious One" has returned, only this time, he's billed as the "World's Most Wanted Wiener".

The new ad campaign combines mature humor with sublime 3-dimensional animation and carries an edgy message. The goal is to capture interest in hungry, unconventional, fast-food-seeking 20-somethings ... (so called, "Generation Y").

DWGB Advertising (together with Duck Studios), put together four, thirty-second television adverts. The ads were designed to be somthing that generation "Y" could relate with, promoting the chain, boosting sales and getting a chuckle along the way. By far, the best of the four, is the one titled, "Gotcha!"

I think the advert will appeal to more than just Generation Y. To see a Flash video of the 30-second "Gotcha" Wienerschnitzel advertisement, click "Read Full Story" ...

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Look Who's Five!

October 3rd, 2008  · stk

Alex turns FIVE today! We're throwing her a "surprise" birthday party at a local playground, this afternoon. See a slide show of her day, which started at 6 AM, and get a dad's perspective on what he thinks of his five-year-old daughter.

Our Little Girl is Five Years Old

Yesterday morning, Alex helped Dad bake her birthday cake. She got out the eggs, butter, flour and even managed to stir up the cake batter. But what she really wanted, was to "help" decorate it.

Last night, Alex - AKA "the Oop" to family and close friends - got her chance. While Dad layered on the frosting and made a couple of colored batches for the lettering, Alex feasted on the sugary dregs. No wonder she had a hard time hitting her normal 8 PM bedtime! (Of course, Mom had to help too - *cough* with the frosting).

Alex's birthday started dark and early this morning, because Rachel is working a day shift and wakes at 5:30 AM. Alex is off to day-care today, then kindergarten, then day-care again, then "the surprise"! (Mom has planned a birthday party at "Jump'n Jimminy's", a kid's play palace in Nanaimo) Alex doesn't know anything about it! Her cousins (Toby and Ella) and her aunt are even coming over from Vancouver and will be there for the festivities!

Our little girl is five. When did that happen?

For a slide show and more details about Alex's "big day", carry on ...

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White Out

October 2nd, 2008  · stk

Things I bet you didn't know about Penn State: They currently have the largest college football stadium in the U.S. (Beaver Stadium); when they have a "white-out" there ... it rocks; and the Penn State Nittany Lions (currently #6) are *finally* being recognized as a contender for the National Title.

Penn State Beaver Stadium "A Flashbulb"

Of the five things that Stewart Mandel (senior Sports Illustrated writer) learned about college football teams last weekend, two of them involved Penn State:

Besides learning that Alabama's offensive line is overpowering, he learned that "Penn State is the class of the Big Ten" and my personal favorite, that "anything other than the 'White Out' isn't worth it".

Anything other than the "White Out" isn't worth it.

If I was a Circuit City employee trying to woo a customer into buying a $2,000 High-definition plasma television, the first thing I would show him is Saturday night's broadcast of the Penn State-Illinois game. Even seeing it for a third time, it was impossible not to be awed by the visual grandeur of Penn State's "White Out," which manages to turn a 110,000-seat stadium one enormous flashbulb. It's powerful, it's organized (right down to the block "S" in one corner) and, quite frankly, it's awesome.

Two words of advice to all the other schools trying to mimic it: Just stop. Seriously.

Beaver Stadium is currently the largest college stadium in the United States, with a seating capacity of 107,282. (It's only 1,000 seats larger than Michigan's "Big House", which will be even bigger, next year).

An interesting note of comparison: State College, where Penn State's main campus is located, has roughly a population of 38,000. The campus enrollment is approximately 43,000 students. Even if every student, teacher and State College resident attended a game, the stadium wouldn't be full.

In "Happy Valley", it's not so much as a game, as it is a religion. :p (Or is it just one big tail-gate party? Although, that's almost laughable, since I didn't see one "tail gate" during last week's game ... just big, expensive RV's!)

For more Sports Illustrated enlightenment and photos of Beaver Stadium, carry on ...

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